Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back???

Hey ladies, I'm sooooo sorry for being gone for like....months....haha.
Lets just say I was mucho busy. I moved back to Florida from New York. And we drove a you know how loud and uncomfortable a u-haul is for like....24 hours???!!! it was crazy...then had to unpack and put together my new room. Man it was a nightmare.

I've been super busy with school too....almost got my two degrees...and i just realized yesterday, i still have like 7 years till i get my doctorate. It's kinda

and is having a giveaway =) She has a super cute coach purse...and i am a coach fanatic...=) hope i check her out.

P.S. I'll try harder to keep this blog up, but's been too hot in florida to wear makeup...=(

1 comment:

  1. hi hi girl, so glad that you're updating finally :) hopefully you can settle down soon so you will be around much more ;)