Sunday, May 6, 2012

It has been forever!!!

So I know I have neglected this blog for over a year..but so much has happened it can't be explained in one post. But in the meantime, I do have a favor to ask of all my readers...My program at school has entered this photo contest and we need to get the  most "likes" to win. Please click on the link and like our photo. We are the ones in the blue shirts making the pyramid.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Am I Finally Back?

Hello my lovely ladies!
It's been way toooooo long! I'm soooo sorry for the delay but life has been super hectic and hopefully I am back in the blogging world! I have a ton of reviews lined up and I hope to catch up with you ladies soon! =)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back???

Hey ladies, I'm sooooo sorry for being gone for like....months....haha.
Lets just say I was mucho busy. I moved back to Florida from New York. And we drove a you know how loud and uncomfortable a u-haul is for like....24 hours???!!! it was crazy...then had to unpack and put together my new room. Man it was a nightmare.

I've been super busy with school too....almost got my two degrees...and i just realized yesterday, i still have like 7 years till i get my doctorate. It's kinda

and is having a giveaway =) She has a super cute coach purse...and i am a coach fanatic...=) hope i check her out.

P.S. I'll try harder to keep this blog up, but's been too hot in florida to wear makeup...=(

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

I know I've been gone for like...forever!! I'm sorry ladies, but it's been really stressful. For some reason, my utilities bill didn't get mailed to my address for awhile and I never noticed, so gets turned off and i'm like wtf??!! Had to call them and got upset b/c they said it was the post offices fault..blah blah's hot and then had to wait for the guy to come turn the utilities back on.

I'm also planning on moving back to Florida, my scholarship is about to expire so i need to move back and attend school for it to still remain in effect. The bf is planning on moving with me also =)

Then i'm trying to get in touch with schools to transfer to and all this stuff.......

I also got pulled over in new york while driving my florida registered car, and the reason for getting pulled over??? he stated my tints on the front windows were a bit too dark...and how much darker was it?? 4% too dark!!!! what i went to go fight the ticket at the dmv, and they stated that I could only reschedule for a court date to see the judge....the soonest being october. -__-;; so i ended up having to pay $160 for the ticket.

But yea, and I went out with his bro and his gf =) to a habachi grill restaurant and also to a seafood place on city island.

The cook at the habachi was fun

The food we had at the seafood place....this for 5 ppl and we still had leftovers enough for a week...=P

yummy yummy tiramisu

me chowing down some chocolate mousse =P

And I leave you with my bf being retarded and extremely stupid with the seafood/lobster bibs they gave out. Our waiter was having a good laugh at him...=P

And lately I've been extremely proud of myself, I've been calorie counting my daily intake (trying to keep it between 1000-1500) and i've been playing a minimum of 2 hours of handball every other day. Apparently, handball is the most intense sport there is....burns about 800 calories every hour played O___O;; lol

PS the winners of my giveaway are

bebsally @

hotmama @

I need your mailing addresses by july 8th to mail them out =)..or it's forfeited....

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Over!!!

So my giveaway is over...=P I have to make sure everyone subscribed to both of my blogs and submitted a link...and then....pulling two names out of a give me a few days to get everything ready.

I'm been so busy trying to figure out everything for school. And I was also busy with the bf and his many dinners and outtings...=) sorry guys for the lack of updates..but I've been sooooo booked.

forgive me....=(

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm sorry ladies, I've been neglecting my blog. But I've been swamped with stress. I will be back soon, and I haven't forgotten my giveaway either....remember to spread the word!!!

And to the ladies who asked if I could make bigger swarovski crystal animals....yes I can but the price might be higher depending on what size crystal you would like to use...=)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

help ???

Hey ladies....I'm in need of some advice...=) I've been looking for a good facial moisturizer and not something on the pricey side either. I have the normal combination, oily t-zone skin...and I would like some whitening factors never hurt to get rid of some acne scars. =)

So could you ladies give me some suggestions and advice? And also, I've heard that using witch hazel as a toner/astringent is good too. So I'll be waiting for your opinions and advice....=)