Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back???

Hey ladies, I'm sooooo sorry for being gone for like....months....haha.
Lets just say I was mucho busy. I moved back to Florida from New York. And we drove a you know how loud and uncomfortable a u-haul is for like....24 hours???!!! it was crazy...then had to unpack and put together my new room. Man it was a nightmare.

I've been super busy with school too....almost got my two degrees...and i just realized yesterday, i still have like 7 years till i get my doctorate. It's kinda

and is having a giveaway =) She has a super cute coach purse...and i am a coach fanatic...=) hope i check her out.

P.S. I'll try harder to keep this blog up, but's been too hot in florida to wear makeup...=(

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

I know I've been gone for like...forever!! I'm sorry ladies, but it's been really stressful. For some reason, my utilities bill didn't get mailed to my address for awhile and I never noticed, so gets turned off and i'm like wtf??!! Had to call them and got upset b/c they said it was the post offices fault..blah blah's hot and then had to wait for the guy to come turn the utilities back on.

I'm also planning on moving back to Florida, my scholarship is about to expire so i need to move back and attend school for it to still remain in effect. The bf is planning on moving with me also =)

Then i'm trying to get in touch with schools to transfer to and all this stuff.......

I also got pulled over in new york while driving my florida registered car, and the reason for getting pulled over??? he stated my tints on the front windows were a bit too dark...and how much darker was it?? 4% too dark!!!! what i went to go fight the ticket at the dmv, and they stated that I could only reschedule for a court date to see the judge....the soonest being october. -__-;; so i ended up having to pay $160 for the ticket.

But yea, and I went out with his bro and his gf =) to a habachi grill restaurant and also to a seafood place on city island.

The cook at the habachi was fun

The food we had at the seafood place....this for 5 ppl and we still had leftovers enough for a week...=P

yummy yummy tiramisu

me chowing down some chocolate mousse =P

And I leave you with my bf being retarded and extremely stupid with the seafood/lobster bibs they gave out. Our waiter was having a good laugh at him...=P

And lately I've been extremely proud of myself, I've been calorie counting my daily intake (trying to keep it between 1000-1500) and i've been playing a minimum of 2 hours of handball every other day. Apparently, handball is the most intense sport there is....burns about 800 calories every hour played O___O;; lol

PS the winners of my giveaway are

bebsally @

hotmama @

I need your mailing addresses by july 8th to mail them out =)..or it's forfeited....

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Over!!!

So my giveaway is over...=P I have to make sure everyone subscribed to both of my blogs and submitted a link...and then....pulling two names out of a give me a few days to get everything ready.

I'm been so busy trying to figure out everything for school. And I was also busy with the bf and his many dinners and outtings...=) sorry guys for the lack of updates..but I've been sooooo booked.

forgive me....=(

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm sorry ladies, I've been neglecting my blog. But I've been swamped with stress. I will be back soon, and I haven't forgotten my giveaway either....remember to spread the word!!!

And to the ladies who asked if I could make bigger swarovski crystal animals....yes I can but the price might be higher depending on what size crystal you would like to use...=)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

help ???

Hey ladies....I'm in need of some advice...=) I've been looking for a good facial moisturizer and not something on the pricey side either. I have the normal combination, oily t-zone skin...and I would like some whitening factors never hurt to get rid of some acne scars. =)

So could you ladies give me some suggestions and advice? And also, I've heard that using witch hazel as a toner/astringent is good too. So I'll be waiting for your opinions and advice....=)

Victoria's Secret Surprise...and pirate's booty

As everyone knows by now...victoria's secret had a big makeup sale....75% off everything. I was at 34th street like one of the first days they had the sale. It was PACKED....girls going crazy to open boxes and try out everything. I picked up a few eyeliners...and a cream foundation pack. I was really pleasantly surprised by the foundation.....I LOVE IT!!!

It was the perfect match for me, it went on very easy and no streaking....and the coverage is just enough. It feels as if I don't have anything on. =) So three days goes by and I feel like I should go back and grab some more. It was $20 to $ of course it was worth it. But when I got there....OMG...everything was practically gone. I was lucky enough to grab the last light colored liquid concealer....and I asked the sales lady...she had one more cream foundation in my color. =) But I also grabbed one a shade lighter too...i guess for winter when I'm lighter. I just couldn't pass it up for the price.

So this is just the foundation....nothing else on. Well my Pallado finishing powder and some eyeliner. =) Not the best coverage...but just enough for me. =P I'm using L20. This is my normal everyday look

And have you guys heard of Pirates Booty? It's soooooo gooooood. I heard them eating on the radio..and the same day, I headed to the supermarket....they were there!!! So of course I had to try it out. I love the aged white cheddar!! Super yummy and healthy for you's made of rice and corn. You ladies should try it out if you see them anywhere.

On a side note....I lost 8 lbs!!! I'm way happy....=) lets just say that I've packed on the pounds in the winter lol and the parents have been saying I'm looking a bit chunky in the thigh and butt area. I've been playing handball just about everyday...haven't really changed my eating habits...just exercising more. But I'm really proud of myself...=)

There's still two weeks left of my keep spreading the word!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Very First Giveaway!!!

So I'm holding my very first giveaway ladies!!! I'm going to give out makeup surprises and two Swarovski crystal animal from my Mini Series. It can be made into a keychain or a cellphone charm. The contest will be ending on June 20th =). There will be two winners chosen at the end.

1. Must be a follower of BOTH my personal blog and my crystalize me blog. But I need to know who you don't make your profile private....and please don't follow anonymously.

2. Must mention my giveaway and my crystalize me blog on your blog...and post the link in your comment.

3. Please leave only one comment...=) Multiple comments will not be considered.

Thanks and good luck ladies =)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Grand Opening!!!

I'm finally having the Grand Opening of my crystal blog!!! Yay!!!

Please check it out here...

And I will be having my giveaway...I'm really hoping Monday...=) It will run about 20 keep an eye out...=P

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The NYPD make me mad....

I just got back from dropping my dad off at the airport, for him to go back to Florida. So we're almost to Chinatown...well in chinatown, when at the corner or Allen..and I think Delancey, there was like two traffic cops directing traffic (which they don't really do much anyways...they just follow the flow of the light signals) At the corner, there was a man who had fallen and was unconcious on the floor. You know new yorkers...they just kinda look and keep going...but the officer was standing near him..not next to him...NEAR him...just looking at him.

I got so upset....he should have been trying to talk to him or keep people away...or checking his pulse....SOMETHING...!!! Then a nice pedestrian lady walked up to him and I guess said something to him about the unconcious guy. But it didn't even seem like the officer cared. Finally an ambulance came...luckily...

Seriously...I'd hate to depend on the NYPD if I needed any assistance.....

On to a happier note......=)

I'm feeling much better and I even made my mommy a lil present. =)

Now this will be one of the crystal animals for sale....but this is not part of the MINI series...this is a larger one. I made it into a keychain and i'm not too crazy about how dark the brown is. I'll probably try a lighter brown next time.

Oh...and the pictures really don't do it's much much much cuter in real life....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ewww...I'm sick....

So there is another delay in my crystal debut. I got sick for the past 3 days.

My bf was the one that initially got sick...just a sore throat...nothing more. Then the next day...I'm down with a fever for like two days. I really got scared....thought it was like...swine flu...because my fever would not go down...and I had a very bad headache...and I couldn't even function. And to top it off, I had a slight UTI....So all i've been doing in eating kiwi, downing water like crazy, and peeing.

I went home early yesterday...and my fever is gone..=) lucky me....not swine flu. But now I've lost my voice...and my throat hurts. Sorry to say this, but I was definitely was not in the mood for crystal animals.

But I have made alot more since my last picture....=) I'm sure you all will be very happy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything....and More!!

I know I've been saying this...but I will post more often..about makeup and beauty stuff soon. I'm really working diligently on the Swarovski Crystal animals. It has been taking up all of my time. =( I'm very close to finishing my first batch =) YAY!!!! lol

Handball has also been taking up the other half of my time. I've been able to hold up my own against most guys now =) lol And New York being so hot lately, I've hopefully been sweating off all the winter fat I've accumulated. =P

And here is some stuff that I've hauled over the past week.

Essential Nuance Airy Hair Care Set. I've used it for about a week now...and I love it. =) Smells great and leaves my hair super SUPER SOFT. The whole thing was about $20 too.

A pack of Paper Powder to take care of those oilies in the middle of the day. I like this because it actually has powder on it.

Rite Aid was having a one get one free....except for the 75% off. I love the color payoff of the hip shade sticks. It's a gold and bronze color. They're shimmery and very easy to apply. It lasts alllllll day........about...16 hours before I take it off at the end of the day. Very minimal creasing...and nooo fading.
I haven't tried the other HIP yet, but the color seemed very bright too.

An eye shield for when you put on mascara. It works wonders!!!

Well ladies....back to work...=) and my

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Family

OK! just to let everybody know... im "cherrielantern's" bf. HI ALL!! thanks for supporting her.

So you might be wondering... wtf?? how is he blogging on her blogger?? is he that bored??

Well the answer is yes =3

And to that girl with the duck's post.... this was my duckling

and go figure... i named him Ducky ^_^ he is sucha cutie

this is my fat dog zug zug.. currently weighing a light 40 lbs o________o

and they make good sleep mates =P awww

and so you get a mental picture of me

im the guy on the bottom =B


Check me out!!!

Sorry I'm not great with blogging..but i've been diligently working on crystal animals...=) That's why i've had like...NOOOO time.

I've made a separate blog for my crystal business.

I'm getting some stuff together for my very first keep on the watch out...=) do you girls take pictures of your eyes when you do a photo of the day? my gosh...I had the hardest time making the colors come out on the picture...and it was just an epic.....FAIL...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I've been getting more followers and comments, which I absolutely love!!! Thank you everyone who even came to look at my blog =)

I've been working even more on my swarovski animals and now I'm moving onto I'll have pictures when I'm nearly done. I've been thinking of making a separate blog just for my crystal business...but that is to be determined.

Please keep a look out for my new for sale items!!! I'm really trying to get a good inventory before I post up please be patient...=)

And on another note...AbcgrrrL is having her first giveaway!!! It's got some super cool stuff...and I'm probably going to enter...=) check her out!!!

P.S. I'm trying to get more traffic onto my blog for my crystals and such. I'd very much appreciate if everyone could spread the word...=)

Thanks !!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Preview of my Swarovski Items for Sale =P

So I don't really have enough time to do a real posting. But these are what I make from Swarovski Crystals. I'm planning on selling them...I can make them into bracelets, cellphone charms, earrings, key chains, and almost anything else.

This is just a let me know if you're interested in purchasing...and I'll have more details in my next post. =)

If you can't tell:
1st row: goldfish, hamsters/mice, owl
2nd row: whale, penguin, chick, rooster
3rd row: turtle, pig

And my bf...with his favorite shirt...looking

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mitsuwa Trip!!!

I know I haven't been doing any make up post, but I'll get to it...I promise!! It's just been very eventful for me lately and been working on my swarovski crystal projects to get ready for posting and sale if anyone is interested =)

So the the trip consisted of me, my bf, his younger brother, his older brother and his gf. =) AND WE GOT luckily the older brother had gps on his phone....phewww

We finally arrived and we were starving!! This was my first time ever going to Mitsuwa. I was very impressed by everything they offered.

Lynn and I in the food court...and my bf's hand =)

Me, my fat arm, and my swarovski I really need to tone up my arms....more handball!!!
I didn't do much for my makeup...just some eyeliner (revlon colorstay...its the best)

Rey, the older brother ....enjoying his tiramisu =)

OMG...these were amazing!!! Creamyaki =) it was like...these pancake puffs with a buttery, custard, cream filling. I'd go there every week just for this. And the cute animals make it a plus =)

The bookstore where I bought a magazine...and notice the bf with his headphones

Food!!! These looked sooo

And the bf humping the food window. He did this to another food window, but the back wall was also glass. So there was a female employee getting ready in the back and she was staring at him humping the glass. LOL my bf didn't notice her until after the humping....-___-;;

So I didn't haul much, I really just enjoyed the food more =)

So ladies, get ready for makeup posts and swarovski crystals!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So yesterday after work, the bf and I were going home when we noticed that there were firetrucks going crazy and smoke in the air. We didnt' get really close to the street it was on, but saw the numerous firetrucks and that they blocked off east broadway and the streets around allen.

So then today, I'm making my way to east broadway and allen to take the chinese vans to brooklyn. I see the corner store, which was the hong kong supermarket, burned and charred all the way up. It was pretty sad.....

Two hours later, took the van back into chinatown and pass by the supermarket again...only to notice that the building had collapsed!!! was a big fire, from what I noticed last night...all the smoke and whatnot...and I was all the way by the park on Essex. It's really sad, I liked that market. I hope no one was hurt...=(

Hotness, Haulage, and Doggies!!!

So I'm finally back in New York and my sunburn is getting well. No peeling yet, and I hope it doesn't....=)

So because I live in Florida and New York, I didn't do much damage in the spending But I must say I love DD's Discounts!!! It's a small franchise store that carries almost everything at a lower price. It's the best place to get cheaper name brand clothes. I'm not sure if they have it in the northern states, but when in Florida...check them out!!

Purple tank top with three chains around the neck

This looks great for an everyday look =)

Suspenders pencil skirt

Very sexy, had to have it!!

Blue yoga pants

Red sleeveless jacket

This was way too cute for me to pass up and the price made it even more impossible to pass up!!

So that was mainly my haulage...!!! And some random pictures of my doggies when I woke up

The one on top of the picture is Zug bf named him...the one on the bottom is Fay. We have 4 shih tzu at home...Fay is the mommy and gave birth to three litters =) We kept two puppies and the rest to florida or to friends.

As you can see, zug zug is HUGE.....about 40 pounds....=( way overweight for a shih tzu...but he was always like that..even as a baby, he was the largest We walk him everyday..but he just....doens't lose weight....=P

This is as in money. He is the other baby..=) Fay is in the background...along with my bf...sleeping...hee hee hee


So yes, I will be posting my swarovski crystal animal crafts within the next week =) I'm thinking about selling them...along with some jewelry =) I hope my readers will like them.

But yea...I'm also planning on going on a family trip with the bf and his brothers to Mitsuwa tomorrow =). It'll be my first time going....YAY!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So yes, like what my title states....I got a sunburn and IT HURTS. This is the second time in my life I've ever had a and it's not fun. It's on my right shoulder and it has a nice brastrap line right through it.

Thank you ladies for the comments...=) and as soon as I get back to New York, I'll be posting pictures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hotter than hot.....=(

So I'm currently in Florida for this week and returning on Thursday to New York. I just walked 2-3 blocks to the college I want to retransfer long story for another post.

So the college is literally right there by my house....and it's about...ohhhhhh 96 degrees outside...-__- and I was sweating like a fat person in a sauna. It was really disgusting...bleh. And I guess it just proves that I need to lose no wonder I was never fat in Florida ( i'd just sweat all my fat out!!!) =D

Sorry no picture posts, no camera in


So my name is Jessica and I am totally new to this. I've had a xanga before but I never really took it too seriously...just something to randomly vent But I'm ready to try a real blog...=)

A little about myself...
I am currently majoring in Massage Therapy and plan to go into Pharmacy by next year.

I have 4 dogs in New York and 9 dogs in Florida lol

I'm not great in the makeup department, but I love to learn.

I love to craft and make things as a hobby.

Handball is my ultimate exercise fun...=)

Been with the boyfriend for over 3 years...half of it was a long distance relationship...very hard on both of us.

I know it's nothing really interesting right now, but I hope to make more friends and I hope you will welcome me into the blogger world. =)