Thursday, June 4, 2009

help ???

Hey ladies....I'm in need of some advice...=) I've been looking for a good facial moisturizer and not something on the pricey side either. I have the normal combination, oily t-zone skin...and I would like some whitening factors never hurt to get rid of some acne scars. =)

So could you ladies give me some suggestions and advice? And also, I've heard that using witch hazel as a toner/astringent is good too. So I'll be waiting for your opinions and advice....=)


  1. What about aloe BB cream from Skin food? It's suitable for combination skin (muuuch more than the mushroom and ginko) and you can get it for 16$ or less on ebay. But that's not for night use..
    For night you should get some regular cream that helps with oil and normal skin on cheeks.

    Or skip the BB cream and get a simple yet cheap cream. I'm sure there are lots like that in drugstores over there. I would suggest you some, but the thing is that we don't have the same brands in most cases.
    Buuuut! You could try with Garnier's (or was it nivea, damnit?!) natural cream. It has no scent and it's really gentle. It comes in a pink pot.

  2. egyptian cream..All rounder..

    But I recommend as well BB cream..It gets rid of scars/blemishes, whitening...

  3. I highly recommend:

    Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - $24 (4.2 fl. oz./125mL)
    Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - $10 (4.0 fl. oz./118 mL)

    I use both of these interchangeably - usually Olay during the day and Clinique before bed...

  4. bb creams are good :)

    i also use korres wild rose brightening serum, p&j whitening serum, and kevin beautymaker spot corrector.. along w/ yes to tomatoes moisturizer/lotion. just started using this routine (for about a week or so) so no real results yet but from what i've heard, it works well.

  5. BB creams are good and relatively cheap (~$16 from ebay) but my HG moisturizer is Neutrogena's healthy skin anti-wrinkle cream ($13). I haven't really used any creams with whitening properties though :P

  6. cosmedicine!!! i can send you some samples- well, they're more like full travel sizes- email me if interested- maybe we can do a swap? :)