Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Over!!!

So my giveaway is over...=P I have to make sure everyone subscribed to both of my blogs and submitted a link...and then....pulling two names out of a give me a few days to get everything ready.

I'm been so busy trying to figure out everything for school. And I was also busy with the bf and his many dinners and outtings...=) sorry guys for the lack of updates..but I've been sooooo booked.

forgive me....=(


  1. Can't wait til you get back to blogging :D Oooh I hope I win ;A; if I don't I'll still buy one lol (:

  2. well at least you were keeping busy, and not being a lazy head (^-^)

  3. miss reading ur posts :)
    hope things get more relaxed soon! :)
    take care!

  4. take your time darl :) it's good you are having so many fun times with bf and family

  5. No need to ask us to forgive you, we're just glad that you're still around :) I was starting to worry about you hun!

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