Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything....and More!!

I know I've been saying this...but I will post more often..about makeup and beauty stuff soon. I'm really working diligently on the Swarovski Crystal animals. It has been taking up all of my time. =( I'm very close to finishing my first batch =) YAY!!!! lol

Handball has also been taking up the other half of my time. I've been able to hold up my own against most guys now =) lol And New York being so hot lately, I've hopefully been sweating off all the winter fat I've accumulated. =P

And here is some stuff that I've hauled over the past week.

Essential Nuance Airy Hair Care Set. I've used it for about a week now...and I love it. =) Smells great and leaves my hair super SUPER SOFT. The whole thing was about $20 too.

A pack of Paper Powder to take care of those oilies in the middle of the day. I like this because it actually has powder on it.

Rite Aid was having a one get one free....except for the 75% off. I love the color payoff of the hip shade sticks. It's a gold and bronze color. They're shimmery and very easy to apply. It lasts alllllll day........about...16 hours before I take it off at the end of the day. Very minimal creasing...and nooo fading.
I haven't tried the other HIP yet, but the color seemed very bright too.

An eye shield for when you put on mascara. It works wonders!!!

Well ladies....back to work...=) and my


  1. cute haul, and a mascara eye shield? Hmm I've never heard of it and I want to try that out!! Good luck with your crystals :)

  2. Wow EYE SHIELD!! I tell you I could do with one of those! I thought I was the only person who messed my lids with my wand! LOL

  3. The eye sheild looks cool. Let us know how it works out.

  4. maybe i'll do a review..when i ever have time..=P

  5. Eyeshield? Interesting hehe. Oh and where is the hair care set from? Looks good! And can't wait for your first batch (:

  6. you can also use a note card or a folded post-it for a lash guard xD then you don't have to clean it after! hehee. but lash guards are nice too :)

  7. I know so many people who have the eye shield, and I keep wondering if I should invest in one.

  8. I really want to try the revlon eyeshadow, everyone's raving abt it!! but first i need to finish whatever stacks of eyeshadows I have XD