Friday, May 15, 2009

Hotness, Haulage, and Doggies!!!

So I'm finally back in New York and my sunburn is getting well. No peeling yet, and I hope it doesn't....=)

So because I live in Florida and New York, I didn't do much damage in the spending But I must say I love DD's Discounts!!! It's a small franchise store that carries almost everything at a lower price. It's the best place to get cheaper name brand clothes. I'm not sure if they have it in the northern states, but when in Florida...check them out!!

Purple tank top with three chains around the neck

This looks great for an everyday look =)

Suspenders pencil skirt

Very sexy, had to have it!!

Blue yoga pants

Red sleeveless jacket

This was way too cute for me to pass up and the price made it even more impossible to pass up!!

So that was mainly my haulage...!!! And some random pictures of my doggies when I woke up

The one on top of the picture is Zug bf named him...the one on the bottom is Fay. We have 4 shih tzu at home...Fay is the mommy and gave birth to three litters =) We kept two puppies and the rest to florida or to friends.

As you can see, zug zug is HUGE.....about 40 pounds....=( way overweight for a shih tzu...but he was always like that..even as a baby, he was the largest We walk him everyday..but he just....doens't lose weight....=P

This is as in money. He is the other baby..=) Fay is in the background...along with my bf...sleeping...hee hee hee


So yes, I will be posting my swarovski crystal animal crafts within the next week =) I'm thinking about selling them...along with some jewelry =) I hope my readers will like them.

But yea...I'm also planning on going on a family trip with the bf and his brothers to Mitsuwa tomorrow =). It'll be my first time going....YAY!!

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