Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mitsuwa Trip!!!

I know I haven't been doing any make up post, but I'll get to it...I promise!! It's just been very eventful for me lately and been working on my swarovski crystal projects to get ready for posting and sale if anyone is interested =)

So the the trip consisted of me, my bf, his younger brother, his older brother and his gf. =) AND WE GOT luckily the older brother had gps on his phone....phewww

We finally arrived and we were starving!! This was my first time ever going to Mitsuwa. I was very impressed by everything they offered.

Lynn and I in the food court...and my bf's hand =)

Me, my fat arm, and my swarovski I really need to tone up my arms....more handball!!!
I didn't do much for my makeup...just some eyeliner (revlon colorstay...its the best)

Rey, the older brother ....enjoying his tiramisu =)

OMG...these were amazing!!! Creamyaki =) it was like...these pancake puffs with a buttery, custard, cream filling. I'd go there every week just for this. And the cute animals make it a plus =)

The bookstore where I bought a magazine...and notice the bf with his headphones

Food!!! These looked sooo

And the bf humping the food window. He did this to another food window, but the back wall was also glass. So there was a female employee getting ready in the back and she was staring at him humping the glass. LOL my bf didn't notice her until after the humping....-___-;;

So I didn't haul much, I really just enjoyed the food more =)

So ladies, get ready for makeup posts and swarovski crystals!!!!


  1. hahahaha ur bf got caught XD

  2. Omg, I love Mitsuwa. This one is so much BIGGER than the one I have near my house.