Monday, May 11, 2009


So my name is Jessica and I am totally new to this. I've had a xanga before but I never really took it too seriously...just something to randomly vent But I'm ready to try a real blog...=)

A little about myself...
I am currently majoring in Massage Therapy and plan to go into Pharmacy by next year.

I have 4 dogs in New York and 9 dogs in Florida lol

I'm not great in the makeup department, but I love to learn.

I love to craft and make things as a hobby.

Handball is my ultimate exercise fun...=)

Been with the boyfriend for over 3 years...half of it was a long distance relationship...very hard on both of us.

I know it's nothing really interesting right now, but I hope to make more friends and I hope you will welcome me into the blogger world. =)



  1. holy crap that's a lot of dogs!
    Hope you have fun blogging =)

  2. I cant wait to see your cute things! LOL