Friday, May 15, 2009


So yesterday after work, the bf and I were going home when we noticed that there were firetrucks going crazy and smoke in the air. We didnt' get really close to the street it was on, but saw the numerous firetrucks and that they blocked off east broadway and the streets around allen.

So then today, I'm making my way to east broadway and allen to take the chinese vans to brooklyn. I see the corner store, which was the hong kong supermarket, burned and charred all the way up. It was pretty sad.....

Two hours later, took the van back into chinatown and pass by the supermarket again...only to notice that the building had collapsed!!! was a big fire, from what I noticed last night...all the smoke and whatnot...and I was all the way by the park on Essex. It's really sad, I liked that market. I hope no one was hurt...=(

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