Monday, May 11, 2009

Hotter than hot.....=(

So I'm currently in Florida for this week and returning on Thursday to New York. I just walked 2-3 blocks to the college I want to retransfer long story for another post.

So the college is literally right there by my house....and it's about...ohhhhhh 96 degrees outside...-__- and I was sweating like a fat person in a sauna. It was really disgusting...bleh. And I guess it just proves that I need to lose no wonder I was never fat in Florida ( i'd just sweat all my fat out!!!) =D

Sorry no picture posts, no camera in


  1. i like cardio too, i only get to the gym once a week for cardio, but the hot yoga totally makes you sweat out way more than cardio! fellow nyc girl welcome!

  2. i went to florida 2 years ago and i thought i was gonna sweat my ass off! hehe