Thursday, May 28, 2009

The NYPD make me mad....

I just got back from dropping my dad off at the airport, for him to go back to Florida. So we're almost to Chinatown...well in chinatown, when at the corner or Allen..and I think Delancey, there was like two traffic cops directing traffic (which they don't really do much anyways...they just follow the flow of the light signals) At the corner, there was a man who had fallen and was unconcious on the floor. You know new yorkers...they just kinda look and keep going...but the officer was standing near him..not next to him...NEAR him...just looking at him.

I got so upset....he should have been trying to talk to him or keep people away...or checking his pulse....SOMETHING...!!! Then a nice pedestrian lady walked up to him and I guess said something to him about the unconcious guy. But it didn't even seem like the officer cared. Finally an ambulance came...luckily...

Seriously...I'd hate to depend on the NYPD if I needed any assistance.....

On to a happier note......=)

I'm feeling much better and I even made my mommy a lil present. =)

Now this will be one of the crystal animals for sale....but this is not part of the MINI series...this is a larger one. I made it into a keychain and i'm not too crazy about how dark the brown is. I'll probably try a lighter brown next time.

Oh...and the pictures really don't do it's much much much cuter in real life....


  1. Almost all cops are lazy...sigh...

    Cute bear!

  2. That's so sad to hear that the people we depend on like the police, would be like that -___-

    But that bear is so cute~! :)

  3. Cops here are snotty too... we got pulled over once because a cop had to (and I quote) "Make his quota." What a douche. That's really messed up... what if that person died before the ambulance got there? They didn't even try to do anything O__o

  4. thats very depressing to hear :( but maybe they are afraid to touch the person because if something go wrong they will be sued or something like that?? anyway, thats one cute teddy bear you made :D

  5. soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!