Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ewww...I'm sick....

So there is another delay in my crystal debut. I got sick for the past 3 days.

My bf was the one that initially got sick...just a sore throat...nothing more. Then the next day...I'm down with a fever for like two days. I really got scared....thought it was like...swine flu...because my fever would not go down...and I had a very bad headache...and I couldn't even function. And to top it off, I had a slight UTI....So all i've been doing in eating kiwi, downing water like crazy, and peeing.

I went home early yesterday...and my fever is gone..=) lucky me....not swine flu. But now I've lost my voice...and my throat hurts. Sorry to say this, but I was definitely was not in the mood for crystal animals.

But I have made alot more since my last picture....=) I'm sure you all will be very happy


  1. Hope you feel better. Get lots of rest :)

  2. I hope you start feeling better, & I look forward to seeing the new animals you made.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I'm feeling a bit under the weather too :P I didn't know kiwi was good for UTIs lol. Interesting... I've only heard cranberry juice hehe.